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As a physical therapist and former collegiate basketball player, Adriana Rodríguez is dedicated to helping athletes unlock their full physical and mental potential both on and off the court. She understands the unique challenges faced by women professional athletes, particularly when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. Through her work with CrossFit athletes, Adriana discovered the importance of pelvic floor rehabilitation and the need to support women in maintaining their athletic careers while navigating these beautiful challenges.

Adriana was a talented basketball player in Spain, playing at a high level and earning a spot on the Spanish National Team for four years. She then attended William Jewell College in Missouri on a basketball scholarship, where she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Recreation and Sports Pre-Physical Therapy. After completing her degree, Adriana returned to Spain to study Physical Therapy at the University of Granada, specializing in injury prevention strategies for younger athletes. She is also certified in pregnancy and postpartum care, as well as functional abdominal and perineum ultrasound.

With her extensive knowledge and experience, Adriana is committed to providing exceptional care and guidance. Whether she is helping young athletes unlock their true potential or supporting women professional athletes on their journey, her passion for sports, injury prevention, and women’s health is evident in her work.


Performance + Pelvic Health/Maternal Specialist


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